2023 - 2024 Kindergarten Parent Letter

Dear Kindergarten Parents,

Welcome to Nine Mile Falls Elementary!  We are looking forward to having your child at our school.

The big day is getting close for your child's first day of school!  We have some dates that are important to getting you and your child off to a great start.

  • Kindergarten Registration: Begins March 1st, 2023

We have now adopted online registration!  Please follow this link to access the Registration procedures.   Immunizations must be up to date or a five-year-old visit scheduled when registration is completed.  Early registration is encouraged so your child can attend Kindergarten Experience.

  • Kindergarten Experience: Wednesday,  August 23, 2023.
    More information will be available before the end of June, 2023

This is a special day just for your child to come and visit Nine Mile! Parents will drop their children off and pick them up at the end of the visit. Parents will pick up a folder of things to be filled out for the teacher. We hope this time will help your child to become familiar with the school and what we do in the classroom. Students will also take a little ride on the school bus, so they know what to expect when school starts.  

  • WaKIDS or Washington Kindergarten Inventory of Developing Skills is a required state program in which all kindergarten families participate.  Each kindergarten student and at least one family member are asked to attend a ½ hour conference so that Mrs. Grant can better learn about her students and prepare the classroom to meet their needs. Sign-ups for your WaKIDS conference will be available at the Kindergarten Experience.

By working together, we'll be sure your child gets off to a good start, so s/he will have a successful school experience every year!  If you have any questions, or concerns, please call the office at 340-4012, and I would be happy to help you.


Kathy Graham,
Office Manager, 340-4012