Parent/Teacher Group

Parent/Teacher Group~PTG                                          [email protected]

2023-2024 Officers
Presidents- Emily Bisset
Vice President-Jennifer Clifton;   
Treasurer - Theresa Smith;     
Secretary - Michelle LaFontaine;  PR - Larayna Yevtushuk

Meetings: First Tuesday of each Month--3:30 p.m. in the NMFE Library
              (note-April's is the 2nd Tuesday due to Spring Break)

2023-2024 Minutes:   Sept.  | Oct. | Nov. | Dec. | Jan. | Feb.

 What Is A PTG (Parent Teacher Group)?
NMFE Parent Teacher Group (PTG) is parents, staff and teachers working together to improve our children's educational experience. The Nine Mile Falls PTG sponsors and coordinates fundraisers so we can contribute valuable learning tools for our teachers like thesauruses, maps, reading programs, art materials, document cameras, computer software and other technology, library books, classroom supplies, field trips, and many other items that make teaching easier and more effective for our children. We recently established a book resource room for teachers and built an outdoor classroom. PTG also provides recess equipment such as soccer goals and balls, cones and tetherballs.

In addition to supplying educational items and updating the playground, the PTG also sponsors fun family events that help bring the community together. Trunk or Treat and Bingo Night are two annual events that the kids look forward to every year! We also sponsor pizza nights and skate nights at local businesses.

If your child attends NMFE, you're a member of the PTG! There are lots of ways to help whether you have lots of time to contribute or just a few minutes. You can:

· sign up for email notices ([email protected] to be added to the list);

· attend a meeting

· share ideas or tell us about needs you see in your child's classroom;

· volunteer for events;

· chair an event committee; or

· even just make phone calls.

PTG is always looking for new faces and new ideas. We hope every parent will find a way to participate, whether by attending a meeting, volunteering at an event, or just letting us know what your priorities are. You'll feel the rewards of making a difference in your child’s education!